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Default Low air speed

I could use a little help on this one. My air speed has been reading low since first flight. I am indicating a stall of 35 knots, the airspeed is consistantly off thru the whole speed range. Rv-7 equiped with Dynon D-180, Dyon pitot, safe air static.
Pitot static tested ok, air damns in front of static no effect, static vented to cabin slight change, new static and pitot lines no effect, drilled out safe air ports and installed rivet (like vans ports) no effect, added washer under static port (rivet) no effect, different pitot tube no effect.
Have not compared to another airspeed indicator as I only have one. Seems to me that the D-180 is off, but Dynon tells me that since it passed the pitot static test that it was probably ok.
If anyone has any suggestions for me I would appreciate it.
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