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I have been following wirejock's recommendation (thanks, Larry) to clean with Bon Ami and a gray Scotch-Brite pad, making sure everything looks scuffed and I get a good water break test, and priming as soon as possible after the part dries. I've been getting good results with AkzoNobel 10P4-2NF. Once the 10P4-2NF fully cures, you can wipe it with acetone or MEK and just get a little green tint on the rag. After it cures, it passes the tape pulloff test, even using aluminum foil tape, which is a test suggested by Master Aircraft Services in Wickenburg, AZ. Dimpling doesn't remove it either.

Bon Ami and PreKote have about the same pH, FWIW. PreKote is a somewhat stronger base. I tried it a while back, and the results didn't seem to be as good as what I get with Bon Ami. But there may have been other factors involved.

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