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Default Itís worth a try

Iíve flown a lot of PnP missions in 172s and PA28s and havenít had an upset dog yet. Like Billís cats, most of them go to sleep in self-defense. Some say they sense something good is happening. I think itís because the pooches that get rescued tend to be the chillest, best behaved in the shelter.

I bring something old, soft and washable that they can curl up on - and a tether long enough to move and short enough to keep them from giving flight lessons. But only do it if you donít mind a little unconditional and occasionally slobbery love on arrival (from the dogs - and sometimes from the receiving party).

I prefer to fly PnP with a passenger who can keep an eye on the cargo. Kinda like watching my blind side, like a good left tackle.
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