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Default Awesome Deal but Need Financing

So I have the opportunity to purchase an RV-8, and I’m looking for financing options. The plane was completed a few years back, and has around 200hrs on it. The builder, a friend of mine, passed away unexpectedly and his wife wants me to have the plane. She offered it to me for a great deal, and although I was not in he market for an -8, it was too good to pass up. The build quality is excellent (he was a repeat offender), it has been in a hanger so the paint is in great shape, the engine was field overhauled by the builder and a local A&P, and it has a decent glass panel with VFR experimental avionics. The catch is that the log books are missing, and the bank I used to finance my last 3 planes won’t touch it unless I find the logbooks. I can get a personal loan, but the interest rate is pretty high at 12%. Anyone recommend a bank that knows how good of a deal this is and would finance it with a better rate in spite of the missing logbooks?
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