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Default 26-03 Fig 4

The plans call for bolts at the the bottom of the seats. Can anyone explain what these are for? More importantly, my inventory (and my actual stock) only shows 2xAN3-4A bolts. Did other folk find a shortage?
Keith, I see what you mean about the purpose of those bolts. Maybe it is a high-stress area and stronger fasteners are needed. At the time of assembly, I blindly followed the directions without questioning why. Like yours, my packing list shows only two of those bolts. It seems that Van's shorted everyone two bolts. When I see a need for parts, I add them to a list. When I absolutely have to have a part, I place an order with Van's of everything on my list. It doesn't hurt to have extra hardware on hand. It is frustrating not to have parts when you need them.
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