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Since it's a little complicated for people who might not be familiar with filters in GMail:

In your Gmail, click the "Gear" icon in the upper right portion of the screen, then choose the "Settings" menu option. A new screen appears. Click the "Filters and Blocked Addresses" link near the top middle of the screen, then click the "Create a new filter" link lower on the screen.

A smaller sub-window will appear where you can configure the filter settings. Under the "Has the words" option, enter "VAF Forums" (including the quotes) and then click the "Continue" link in the lower right. On the next page, check the "Never send it to Spam" option. Click the Update Filter button.

That will create a filter which will cause all future emails with "VAF Forums" somewhere in the email to be placed in your inbox when received, rather than your Spam folder.

I emailed Doug a while back and he indicated there was an update to the forums that would happen at some point in the future which should resolve this, but wasn't clear when. This filter will work around the problem in the meanwhile.
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