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I had poor results with the 14point7 controller, the Ballenger unit has been flawless so far. My AFR data is going to the SDS as well as the G3X. I can data log it with SDS Dash and have done so, but the information in the G3x data log contains all the info I need and more. The only things I can't see in it are AT, TPS, and Ignition. None of those are things that I am looking to change. I use the same procedure when the test flight card has "collect AFR data" on it, the flight you looked at was stability tests (still in phase one). Here is a flight that has an RPM/AFR data collection portion:

My SDS map has only been modified from the one that Ross provided initially in the RPM fuel section, the start values, and the timing. The MAP values are unchanged. Right now I am very happy with the values we are currently using, the engine runs flawlessly, has great power, and temps are under control. I did read Ross's post about being able to adjust the AFR offset in the advanced setting and meant to look into that. That's the other reason I am not using SDS Dash to log, the AFR on the SDS is off from the display on the ballenger unit and my G3x matches it perfectly. Since the Ballenger unit has a calibration function and they claim to be the benchmark for accuracy I want to use this number for tuning.
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