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Hi all,
I keep running into an issue that when i search this RV-14 forum, it only returns results going back to early December. I’m not using any filters and when I check “From any date” is selected. If I search a topic across ALL forums, I get result going back to 2006, except the RV-14 returns are only up until early Dec.

Ive tried different browsers and computers with the same results.

For example, I’m looking for additional info on what folks have done in regards to when they riveted thier bottom skins as I’m thinking I’ll build the ailerons and flaps, then work on Sect 23 (aileron actuation) and install roll servo/AP (then maybe uninstall the rods) before riveting bottom skins.
So i search “Bottom skins” and only get RV-14 results thru 06Dec2020.

Don't know if this will effect search but do you have your display options to be from the beginning?

I hardly ever use the search in the forum I use Google. If you append "" it will only search VAF. I usually include something like "RV14" or "RV14A" in the search to try and limit it. I do not know a way to search a specific forum using Google.
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