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2. Whether the aircraft has a C of A. If you sell an incomplete project expect to lose a bundle of’ll be selling to bargain hunters and you will not get back the price of the parts. Everyone who starts an RV build thinks they’re going to finish the aircraft....but the majority who start at the empennage do not finish and lose considerable money. Sadly, the more they build the more they lose....selling a 90% completed project will produce the biggest loss.
+1 on point #2 above. When I was looking to start my project, I ran the numbers and would not have been able to afford to RV if I purchased a "brand new" kit, engine, etc. I was actually looking to purchase a Sonex kit which was more in my affordability range. Then a friend turned me on to a builder selling an RV-7 project with the wings done, fuse done, new engine hung, lots of build time put into it. He had a prop and avionics in boxes, wire, tools etc. We negotiated a price that was substantially less than what he had into it, never mind the thousand hours of labor. Mel had done a EAA tech inspection on it, quality looked good, so I loaded the whole lot up in a rental truck and now have a flying RV-7. I guess I'm a bargain hunter haha.
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