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Default MS 150

Hey Guys,

I'm riding in the MS150 in Fort Collins in June to raise money for MS (Multiple Sclerosis) treatments and programs etc, to people in Colorado living with MS.. I am riding with Noble Energy's team and I have to raise a minimum of $400 (although my goal is $1000) to be able to ride. It's a 145 mile ride from Westminster to Fort Collins and back..

If any of you can spare a few bucks, or if your businesses (any of the aviation vendors here, or personal businesses) could donate that would be greatly appreciated!

here is a link to "my page" where you can donate in my name. Donate!!!

Thanks a lot!!

Doug, if this is against the rules to ask for donations delete this. (I apologize in advance if it is.. just kinda personal here.. we had a friend who's career was ended by MS and a good friend still battles with it.)

I appreciate any help!

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