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Default Poor nose wheel axel design

I agree that the nose wheel axel in RV's with the Matco wheel is poorly designed. Anti Splat bearings is one way to improve the design and minimize the rolling resistance.

I think the lease expensive way to reduce the rolling resistance of the nose wheel is the axel assembly from Matco. See

Another way to minimize the rolling resistance, and to get rid of the tube that we use in a tubeless tire is to get the Beringer nose wheel. Aircraft Spruce is one source. See

I flew with the Matco wheel and axel for about 10 years before changing to the Beringer wheel.

On Soapbox: I've seen a handful of nose wheel flats using the cheap Van's tube in the tubeless type tire. My plane and sever others. It's my belief that tubes should not be used in tubeless tires and that doing so contribures to the tubes failing. The inside of the tire is rubbed away - because it is not designed to have a tube against it. Cord is exposed against the tube and it destroy's the tube. Off Soapbox.


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