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Originally Posted by PaulvS View Post
The outer pedals are loaded in compression at the aft side when the inner pedal on the opposite side is pushed. For example, when the pilot pushes the right pedal (and its forward side is in compression) the torque is transferred via the long tube to the right pedal on the co-pilot side, where the rudder cable is attached. The "pull" from the rudder cable puts a compression force on the pedal aft side.

The instructions that came with the gussets that I got specified installation on the forward side only, so that's what has been done. I expect (and hope) the gussets will strengthen the joint whichever side they are welded. I vaguely recall (so may be wrong!) that there might also be some conflict with installing the finger patches on the same side as the tabs for the brake cylinders.
Ah. Thanks. Now that makes sense. There is no load on the pedal that the cable is attached to when it is being pressed by the pilot, but when the force is transferred by the tube from the other side the compressive force is felt on the aft side of that pedal. Van's needs to update its instructions to reflect that.
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