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Default Photos of removable rear pedal mods

Below are photos of easy mods to make RV8 or 8A [8A shown] rear seat rudder pedals quickly removable. The only tool needed is a #2 Phillips screwdriver to remove the four #8 screws which retain each of the rudder pedal support plates [in place of the rivets Vans calls out]. The bolt, castle nut and washers [which connect the pedal rods to the bell-crank] shown in the first photo below can be removed easily with your hands.

The photo below shows two MS21047-L08 nut plates [K1000] installed on the inboard side of the F-863-R. This allows you in install the rear rudder pedal mounting bracket [part with the snap bushing] using #8 screws rather than rivets. A total of 4 nut plates must be installed to mount each of these support plates.

The photo below shows the location of the two nut plates which must be installed into the F-804 assembly on each side. They are located just below the line of copper colored Clecos.

Last photo shows the Right Side pedal assembly. Clecos are holding the support bracket into the nut plates. #8 Phillips screws are used for permanent mounting.

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