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Default Good Topic...

This a good topic Geaorge, but in all fairness and good conscience, there is no way I could vote. I think you'd have to be a fleet operator to make a meaningful input on this, becasue individual owners are going to have statistically meaningless experience on which to make a choice. The question "which oil do you prefer?" would be better, with a follow-up of "why?"

In my case, I ran Aeroshell W100 in my Grumman for 23 years, because with the original engine - which was practically run-out when I bought it - I was using a quart in four hours, and saw little point in running expensive multi-vis thought it. When I put a fresh big engine on it, I was familiar with Aeroshell, and kept running it. That second engine burned about a quart in 12 hours, and ran so well that I saw no reason to change anything! I never felt the need for multi-vis becasue I'm down here in Texas where it doesn't get cold enough to make a differnence.

Now with my RV, and it's brand new Mattituck TMX-360, I am running Exxon Elite for the simple reason that Mattituck/Exxon gave me a couple of cases free with the engine! ( marketing move, becasue I have since bought two more cases - I am kind of supersticious about changing what works!). I am trying to decide if I'm going to switch back to Aeroshell becasue it is more readily available right here (My buddy who owns our row of hanagrs buys it by the closet-full, since he's an IA), or stick with the Exxon because that is what I started with. And if I do go back to Aeroshell, do I go back to straight weight?

All these questions I was trying to ignore.....This should probably be in the "Never ending debates" forum by the way!

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