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Thumbs up Best multi grade (or any grade) oil Brand

Taking a pole on oil brands (PLEASE POST WHY IF YOU HAVE A REASON, besides its what I can steal from my hanger mate. )

Assuming a normally aspirated Lycoming (I)O-320 or (I)O-360.

Option 1: Phillips X/C 20w-50 ($31 a 12 pak case)
Option 2: Exxon Elite 20w50 at ($50 a 12 pak case)
Option 3: Aeroshell 15w50 at ($55 a 12 pak case)
Option 4: Aeroshell Single grade ($37 a 12 pak case)
Option 5: Other Brand

I personally have great experience with the Phillips X/C and the price ain't bad.

On another list the topic of corrosion resistance (for a plane doing hanger queen duty) is better with the other brands. That may be true, but I think flying regularly is better than any oil. G

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