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Default Fail as it should .... probably

Originally Posted by jjhoneck View Post
Just to add a bit of info, I requested (and received) this report this afternoon, and my system (Trig TT-22 Mode S transponder, Skyradar, and GRT Horizon HXr) failed, utterly, in precisely the same way as the fellow on page 1. My "Integrity and Accuracy" failed in six out of eleven categories, 100% of the time.

Trouble is: The report is made up of incomprehensible (to me) acronyms, with no advice on what, if anything, should be done to bring the system into compliance.

Katie, I have forwarded a copy of the report to Ben and Jeff (as well as to this group's one Walt Aronow) in hopes that they can provide interpretation and advice.
Unless you have a Navigator like the Garmin (or other appropriate certified systems) then if you set it up correctly, it SHOULD fail as the level of precision of the "position source" is not known to be "adequate".

Not a big deal for the moment. But for 2020 compliance ducks will have to be in a row.

My system "fails" miserably as well. But I know that it is because of the configuration settings that I have. I do NOT have a 430W or 650 at the moment so I knew that would be the case.

The GOOD NEWS is that the FAA is taking all this in and exercising the system and this allows us ALL to get value out of the investment we all as citizens are making.

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