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Originally Posted by KatieB View Post
Thank you for doing whatever it takes to share what you know with the flying public! As a pilot who works for one of the experimental EFIS manufacturers, I really welcome your feedback and knowledge. Maybe you can help shed some light on some of the mysteries we've been seeing, like Jay and his ADS-B issues:

I thought we had the details nailed down for all the settings and equipment required for ADS-B broadcast now, before 2020, but stories like Jay's make me wonder if we have something wrong or if the system is still just quirky.
Just to add a bit of info, I requested (and received) this report this afternoon, and my system (Trig TT-22 Mode S transponder, Skyradar, and GRT Horizon HXr) failed, utterly, in precisely the same way as the fellow on page 1. My "Integrity and Accuracy" failed in six out of eleven categories, 100% of the time.

Trouble is: The report is made up of incomprehensible (to me) acronyms, with no advice on what, if anything, should be done to bring the system into compliance.

Katie, I have forwarded a copy of the report to Ben and Jeff (as well as to this group's one Walt Aronow) in hopes that they can provide interpretation and advice.
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