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Originally Posted by jchang10 View Post
Hi, i have a question i am hoping someone can help with.

Let's say i want to compare the capabilities between a 430W vs. a 400W and an SL30.

Since the com/nav/gps are all combined in the 430W, does it have any extra capabilities vs. having the functions separated in a 400W and the nav in the SL-30?

For instance, you could have a flight plan that takes you from a VOR into a GPS approach. Is the 430W smart enough to know this, and thus automatically switch your navigation from VOR to GPS for you somehow? or prompt or alert you to this somehow?

Thus in comparison, if it's the 400W and an SL-30, you will have to manually switch from the VOR to the GPS as your nav source to your control head somehow.

Whether you have a 430W, or a 400W and an SL30 ran with a G3X you will still have to press the CDI button on the 430 or G3X to switch the NAV source being used from VOR (VLOC in Garmin nomenclature) to GPS. If you already have an SL30 than the 400W would be a simple add. If you have neither, from a cost standpoint you could probably get into a GTN650 for less than a new SL30 and 400W. I'm in the process of replacing my Aera 500 with a 400W and piping it to the G3X along with an existing SL30. For me this was waaaaay easier than going the 430W route. Way more wires on the back of a 430w than a 400w.

On the other hand with either a 400 or 430 you wouldn't necessarily have to navigate to a VOR using the physical omnidirectional VOR signal itself and then switch over to GPS as you say above. You could simply load the VOR waypoint in your flight plan and navigate to it using GPS
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