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We have the same set-up, only our angle valve is the dual mag kind. I defintiely would not want to hand prop it.

As a safety note. It is very easy to hand prop, even accidently. To set the scene, our RV-8 was in the hangar, top cowl off, throttle idle, mixtured cut-off (as it was shutdown), hangar door closed and spinner 10 inches awayfrom the inside of the door. My partner was working on our mag, one side quit firing and he simply moved the prop. Bang, the engine starts immediately and runs for about 2 seconds. Needless to say, scared the #$%^ out of him. Turns out he had left one of the mag switches on. The only thing that saved him was the plane was chocked (he was between the prop and hangar door) and he always treats a prop like the mag is hot.
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