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Default Hand-propping

Rather than cause thread drift on Paul's thread about the broken starter, I figured I would start a new thread.

So, I've thought about hand-propping my IO-360 angle valve.

The problem I have is that the Whirl Wind 200RV prop is so light that it has no flywheel effect. Add to that, the trailing edge is pretty sharp, so it is hard to get much of a stroke on it anyway. But, I don't know, it would have to fire on the blade that you are pulling through to get it to go to the next blade anyway.

With a very low battery (the reason I would be hand propping) I can not be sure that the Light Speed EI would fire at TDC. If it fired 25 BTDC I think it would cut my fingertips off with the sharp trailing edge. On the rare occasion that I might need to do this, I think I would wish that the other mag had an impulse coupling.

I have hand-propped a O-470 with 2 bladed prop on a C-182. The only thing that made that difficult was that it was 15F outside, and it took a lot of pulls, priming some more every few pulls, to finally get enough fuel vapor in the cylinders to fire. By the time I got it started, I was stripped down to a Tee-shirt.
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