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Originally Posted by gfb View Post
Dynon does not have an IFR navigator. You have to buy a Garmin or Avidyne unit for that. From what I can tell, Avidyne requires that you buy databases from Jeppesen and we all know how that goes

The $389 lifetime Dynon sub you are thinking of is likely the Seattle Avionics black friday deal for the PFD, which is not sufficient to legally fly IFR.
You're right on both counts - and I do know how that goes. We have an Avidyne IFD440 in our 172, and the annual data subscription for that device is $299 for the navdata, and I purchase it from Jeppesen. So far that has been a painless experience. So your argument would be?

As for the Seattle Avionics, my memory of the price may be wrong but I do have the full VFR/IFR lifetime sub for the Dynon charts. I do not own or use their PFD.
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