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Default Glacier 2

We've all seen the pics of Glacier, but it really is different in person. There was smoke from the Cali fires, but even so it is breathtaking. Here are some of my favorites:

St Mary's Lake - this is near the end of the road since the east side of the park is shut down.

One of the many amazing falls after hiking in a bit. Teens and my goofy wife went swimming.......

Beer Break! The Wasatch Apricot Hefeweizen was our best of the trip!

More stunning lake vistas

Did I mention falls...... so many pretty falls....

We would just sit and stare.......

Since the Going to the Sun Road was kind of a zoo - we went up the west side of the park to Bowman Lake. One of the prettiest places you will ever see. It gets 3 pics....

We got back to camp and the field was officially closed.........


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