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Originally Posted by fixnflyguy View Post
As many have said, they are standard kit supplied lines, and also used by many other experimentals . I put them in my -4 when I built it, and they performed great for several years..then the leaking began at the calipers.Often after hard braking, climate/temperature swings or long taxis, the leaks would return even after trimming and reseating the lines. The final straw was near complete failure of my left brake on way home from OSH last year taxiing out, and making making the trip home using only right brake less than pleasurable. I replaced all mine with SS braided and never looked back. Do it from the start and be done with it. This is a place money is well spent. A very good, highly recommended source is an advertiser here..Call Tom at TS Flightlines.
As I said above, I used Tom, too. And I completely vouch for him. Super responsive, very very helpful. They can do the whole kit, or individual pieces. It you want to keep the fixed lines plastic or aluminum, they can sell you just the moving lines (the lines near the pedals), or any combo you want. I got mine about 10 days after I ordered them, complete with all the fittings.
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