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Default Insane to buy a Garmin 155XL?

I currently have an Apollo GX55 in my panel that is essentially useless as it will stop receiving database updates this year. I also have a Dynon Skyview Touch, an ILS and a single COM, and a GRT mini-X EFIS.

I want to be able to fly GPS approaches but I don't necessarily need WAAS. I'm never going to fly down to those minimums intentionally and I have ILS if I really need to.

I see a Garmin 155XL for sale for $1100 locally, and maybe a Garmin 155 for sale for $700 on eBay. Along with these I'd need a $475 ARINC-429 adapter from Dynon.

I was thinking of getting one of these and get non-precision GPS approaches for $1200-$1500. Along with the ILS my plane will be IFR legal.

Is this crazy? I could go into it eyes wide open and understand the risk that nav updates might dry up just like the Apollo units. Then spring for a newer Garmin (GPS 175/ GTN650) when they come down in price.
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