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Originally Posted by Ironflight View Post
Are you sure that's corrosion Tim? It looks a lot like what I generally see on lower rudder rod end bearings as an accumulation of belly oil and dirt. On almost every RV tail dragger, you're going to get dirt accumulating on whatever oil/lubrication is there.

Just asking because I have never seen corrosion on those things - even when I lived in a salt air environment - but I have seen lots of grime....

I thought that was the case at first but the picture is AFTER I took it to a wire brush then to a wire wheel on the bench grinder. Its definitely corrosion. Anyway at only $16 a piece its worth replacing all of them on a flight control.

Interesting though is the lower rudder fairing didn't have a drain hole in it per plans and water had collected in it. I wonder if the lower bearing being in close proximity to it had anything to do with the corrosion being worse.

BTW...fully enjoyed your webinar a couple weeks ago!
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