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I was in Maryland this week. My friend there has a new to him -10. First oil change done at 50 hours gave an oil analysis that was, different. Blackstone mentioned all their historical data for this particular model of engine was based on 30 hours average oil time, so the thought was let's target 30 hours for the next couple of oil changes to have a better chance at comparing something. The plane is headed to Vic's shop week after next for a condition inspection, and needed some oil time to get very near the magic 30 hour mark while in Georgia. I asked if I could rack up some time doing a good deed, and was told "Of course!"

Jumped on Pilots 'N Paws and found a trip that fit the bill: Kitties in NC needed to go to New England. Did some quick coordination via text and launched out Saturday morning. Picked up some lucky cats and headed north. One was a bit noisy so I brought him out of the crate to get a view. Not sure if it helped or not.

Alls well that ends well, the cats got to their new home, and by changing altitudes, I got tailwinds on all three legs!

The folks in New England asked if it was possible to send some crates back south, and with the coming trip to Georgia, I agreed to haul cargo. So now, I know how many crates can fit into a -10 with only the pilot riding along.

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