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Originally Posted by Chippster1 View Post
Hi everyone,
I donít know if anybody else has experienced this, but I just renewed my subscription to the NAV database for the Garmin GTN 650,. After I downloaded the new data On the SD card and placed it into the unit, I failed to receive the splash screen that asks if I wanted to update. Checking under the systems page, the data is clearly On the SD card, because I can see it in the standby section. However, I cannot seem to find place where I can update the standby data to the current data. Has anybody else experienced this, and if they have please help me with this, because I cannot update my data

Ted Chipps
RV10 498EC
You can download updates before they are active. When that happens, the GTN wonít install them until the first day of that period. Just leave the card in and youíll get prompted the first start after the beginning date of that period.
Bob Leffler
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