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Default What is stopping them?

Originally Posted by kens_cockpit View Post
I am not getting the minimum travel for the ailerons.

Using an iPhone level app on the bottom of the aileron close to the outboard hinge point I am getting the following:
Left wing 19.9 degrees up and 12.3 degrees down (from a 4.7 degree slope on the bottom of the aileron in the neutral position)
Right wing 19 degrees up and 13 degrees down (from a 4 degree slope on the bottom of the aileron in the neutral position)

The minimum travel required is 25 degrees up and 15 degrees down.

Am I measuring from the right place? Is it the hinge or the "neutral" line from the trailing edge of the aileron to the tooling holes that the angle is measured from?

I have put the ailerons in neutral using the tooling holes and set the bell crank at neutral using the supplied jig. I'm not sure what I have done wrong. I did not clamp the ailerons in place when setting the neutral position but I made sure the bellcrank jig was up against the spar and checked the trailing edge against the top and bottom of the correct tooling holes in the with a straight edge multiple times. Perhaps I just haven't been accurate enough in that but I checked and rechecked carefully. I have then adjusted the tubes from the bellcrank to the control stick.

If I leave things as they are the control stops will almost be unable to connect with the inboard hinge bracket.

It seems to me if I lengthen any of the tubes to get more throw I will lose the neutral aileron position. But maintaining the neutral aileron position doesn't give me enough movement.

I'll go back and recheck everything but just wondering if anyone else has had to deal with this issue and how you resolved it.
What is limiting the travel of your ailerons? I.E what is causing them to stop before they reach full travel?

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