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Default APAR Antenna. For 2 meter Guruís

Tried asking this question at the end of another APAR thread but the thread was already dying. Question: trying to install hidden APARS antenna in wingtip.
Tried one of those portable 6í twinlead J-poles secured in the tip but it doesnít seem to work. Thereís a 37Ē dipole out there made for high altitude balloons that would lay right in the wingtip with little fiberglass clips. Could even make one just like it very cheaply. Any thoughts on its effectiveness? Spent a lot of time and $$$ putting this transmitter in years ago durning the build and have been really impressed with the tracking accuracy Vlad has achieved out there in the Wild West in the middle of nowhere , where ADS-B towers donít exist yet. I know I could use a old LORAN antenna but hate to put another object sticking out of the fuselage. Any proven methods?
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