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Originally Posted by Radomir View Post
That setup (incorrect for your equipment) was telling the ground station that you have capability of receiving direct from other ADS-B equipped traffic, so ground station did not bother to re-broadcast (ADS-R). This was a small oversight, but the importance of proper setup of your IN capabilities (done in the Trig's setup menu) is often misunderstood. Ground station will not re-broadcast if you have capability to receive direct air-to-air.
That makes sense and seems to explain things. Perhaps you can comment on one other thing that has me puzzled. Since we do not have 1090 cabability I did not expect to see airline targets with a callsign label attached. I was seeing labeled airline traffic on approach today. I assume the ADS-R you mention rebroadcasts the entire info tag with the traffic. Is that correct?

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