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[quote=RV7A Flyer;828894]I just returned home from a grueling 36-hour trip from Ahmedabad, India, through the hellish Bombay airport, a 16-hour flight to the east coast of the US and then a 6-hour transcontinental flight. The long flight from India to the US wasn't the was the *planeload of screaming, bratty toddlers* on the US flight which just about pushed me over the edge. It was like round-robin shrieking, screaming and temper tantrums between 3 or 4 toddlers whose parents were either incapable of controlling them, or oblivious to the extreme irritation their little darlings were imposing on the entire plane.

I have solved the airline noise problem by traveling with a compact foldable passive noise head set. Peace and quiet. If I want audio I use ear buds under them. Don't hear any thing any more.
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