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I am starting to run out of parts. I can almost count the number of parts required prior to the ?big move?. I am starting to do ?flare? type stuff. Some pics of progress over the last few weeks are shown below. I have also been doing functionality check on some the systems. All smoke is still remaining contained in the avionic boxes.

This last plugs allows me to disconect all my avionics and pull out the tray so I can have access during Maint functions.

Side panels:
These two plugs allow me to remove the control panel in case of Maint.

The small holes are for pockets. The large ones are for the copilot comm plugs.

Auto pilot:
The nice thing about a fastback, just a little more space. My wife came out to garage looking for me and freaked out.


RV-4 fastback thread and Pics
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The information that I post is just that; information and my own personal experiences. You need to weigh out the pros and cons and make up your own mind/decisions. The pictures posted may not show the final stage or configuration. Build at your own risk. Further more, these are my opinions and not those of Van's Aircraft.
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