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AirVenture 2018 was the first time I diverted to another airport. Dodge County (KUNU) had, if not the best, one of the best FBOs that I have been to in the last 21-years.

There were LOTS of aircraft on the ramp at UNU. I tied the aircraft down in the grass using the tie down supplies I had for OSH.

They had a shuttle BUT do to lack of staff suggested UBER. The UBER driver was an off duty FBO employee and since there were so many of us, he was allowed to use the FBO Shuttle Van to take us (several airplane worth) to our Oshkosh rooms. I forget what it cost but next day trip back to the airplane was included in the price. Everyone chipped in (IIRC) $5 tip the next day for the return trip to the FBO.
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