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Originally Posted by BTG1996 View Post
What about a 4 place twin?

The DA42 is pretty cool and I know Van's could do it better and for 1/2 the price. Twin IO-390's with an option for turbo Jet-A engines. Could use the RV10 fuselage to save time/ wings and turn the 10 engine compartment into a frunk.

Nothing else remotely like that on the experimental market. I have to think all the people flying Baron's and twin Cessna's are ready to get something made this century.

Like everything else....easy to say, I'm sure super hard to do.

Merry Christmas!
The only twin I would even consider is a push pull twin like a Cessna Skymaster. And only because it could be put on floats. A twin on floats would be unique and corner the market.
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