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Default Toe vs heel brakes

Originally Posted by wilddog View Post

Hatz built per plans uses heel brakes.
True, that. But I fly both heel and toe brakes and both take a reasonable amount of flexibility in my aging ankles. I think the heel brakes in the Cub (similar to the Hatz) take more flexibility of the ankle joints than the toe brakes in SuzieQ, just in another direction, dorsiflexion (toes up, heel down) in the Cub vs plantarflexion (just toes down) in SuzieQ. The radius of movement is larger in the Cub. I usually wear Goat-roper cowboy boots with a 2 inch heel in the Cub. Reach those brakes without as much movement.

The point here being that a person can fly having had and ankle fused or messed with in other ways, my friend's example being of the extreme. Any amount of flexibility gained after surgery (with the help of PT, of course, and exercises done on their own), and adapting to the new limits of flexibility will contribute to being confident on brakes in various aircraft.

Besides, brakes are for sissies
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