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Originally Posted by Roy25101 View Post
I'm working on storage at the moment waiting for my emp kit to be delivered. I was wondering if anyone could give me the length of a completed tail cone. I have a storage building with a ten foot ceiling and I'd like to stand the tail cone up in there while moving on to the wings. Any help would sure be appreciated...
The side skins extent forward 29” from the baggage bulkhead with an ‘arm’ which I reckon would make it impossible to stand up vertically unless you build some kind of box for it to sit on. The arms are fairly flexible so if you sat it on a box then gently bent the 2 side skin arms in, you may just fit it into a 10ft vertical space.

I made a little trolley on castors for mine to sit on and a little castor on a broomstick at the back (tailwheel!) so I can wheel mine around. It takes up quite a bit of space and is an awkward shape. Mine measures 10ft 3” on the diagonal sides and 3ft 11” across the wide end at the ‘arms’ of the bendy fragile side skins.
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