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Default Thanks Bob!

Originally Posted by Bob Axsom View Post
I found two of my wife Jeanine's glasses on the TV table and in her purse. Last I found one of mine on the TV table, one in my treasure drawer and one in my flight bag. I will have them in the mail Monday.
Thanks so much for your wonderful offer. Your and Jeanine's glasses will allow someone who's likely never been able to see well to experience life in a whole new way.

Here's a small portion from an email Tom (an optometrist on our team) sent out this week:
I would like to relate just one inspiring moment: A young man, about the age of 8, came through our screening. Previously, he never had access to any vision care. We found him to be nearsighted in the amount of -13.00 diopters. In my practice, I have only seen a few patients that nearsighted in about 28 years of practice. Everything past a distance of about a foot had always been a total blur to him. We did have a pair of glasses for him. It was truly heart warming to see him looking around and smiling from ear to ear with the realization that he could now, for the first time, see things clearly in the distance. He couldn't verbally tell me what he was thinking, but he didn't need to. The smile said it all! The world will now be a new, and better, place for him!
Originally Posted by Bob Axsom View Post
I would have though there were a lot of old "got to get perfect glasses before the medical" reject glasses laying around.
I kinda thought the same thing. Perhaps the mention at the beginning of the post about kids is what's throwing people off.


If the glasses don't get used on this trip, they will be used on the next clinic. Tom just got back from and adult screening clinic in Cap Haitien. I will most likely be headed back down there in May for another effort too.

Thanks again for your help and support.

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