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Default How well does an RV-9 climb?

Pretty darn good!

After finishing work today, I had some flight testing to do, which required a climb from 1040' AGL to 12,500' AGL. Every 1,000' feet I leveled off to let the plane accelerate, throttled back, powered back up to full power, and then resumed the climb.

I just checked the data and it took 13:08 from brake release to level out at 12,500. My average climb rate was 871.3 FPM and my average speed was 122.4 knots. That's pretty impressive and makes me want to try a Vy climb from sea level to 12.5.

I was still putting out 18.7" MAP at that altitude. (The pressure altitude was 14,930.)

BTW, my plane as a stock ECI O-360 and a FP Catto two bladed cruise prop.
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