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Default Vince at Flyboys is great!

Given all the outstanding customer service I have encountered in GA, I have almost come to expect it. But Vince at Flyboys accessories have gone even above the expected.

I needed a new ?experimental? placard on the baggage bulkhead. I am a little picky sometimes, and I did not want to use the clear sticker with black print. I did not even want black. I asked Vince if he could make some grey letters for me. He did not have grey but suggested he could make a mask and I could paint the exact color I wanted. Even before I could get back confirming this was a good path forward, he sent me an email letting me know he bought some grey material and would be sending me exactly what I had requested. All for 10 bucks!! That is way above what I would expect.

The light grey interior with medium grey letters looks great!
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