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Hi Joop,

So what information are you looking for? I?m installing the bus manager in my build and for the most part I?m just following the instructions that came with it. There?s a jumper wire inside the unit that needs to be removed...or left in place...depending on if you?re using one (or two) alternators...(I don?t remember which way right off hand).

I?m using two batteries, (one lead acid/one lithium), but only the lead acid one will be used for starting; the lithium is just there for backup power...(I?m only running one alternator so I want a big healthy backup battery in place in the event I loose alternator power).

The main things I like about the bus manager is that it simplifies essential and main bus wiring, it senses low fuel rail pressure and automatically activates the backup fuel pump, and it allows you to mix and match lead acid and lithium battery in your charging system...(which is usually a no no).
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