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Default Easter Sadie

A few photos from a rescue Easter morning. The wife and girls are out of town for spring break, but the Ryan has baseball so it was just the two of us this weekend. Ryan slept in, so I got up early to help get a deaf boxer girl named Sadie from Columbia, Mo up to a foster home in Winona, MN. My leg was Cedar Rapids to Winona.

It was a nice sunny morning over the lake on launch.

I stayed low to avoid the howling winds up higher. I applied carb heat and really leaned her out since I had plenty of time. It is amazing to get 150 mph and over 30 mpg on 4.8 gph! Nice cool CHTs and good, even distribution, too. The tent over the xm rx is too keep it cool - I think I lose the WX if it gets too warm in the sun.

I arrived a bit early to an empty ramp, so I ate my lunch and enjoyed the howling winds!

Soon enough, Sadie arrived with Jeff and Pete. Think she will make the connecting flight?

After a potty break (for me and Sadie) and some time for -9A builder Dave Gribble from Cedar Rapids to show his wife the plane and get some photos, we loaded up and launched into the windy sky. Sadie took control of navigation - suggesting that my skills might be a bit rusty.

When I told her I was PIC, and she rolled over and wanted to know when the complimentary snack and beverage service would begin.

Soon enough, KONA was dead ahead and we met Tori, the foster mom. I got a quick photo with my new buddy.

The skies cleared and I enjoyed a great ride home over Lake Pepin and on to Anoka to see my own Boxer pups, Scout and Moxie.

Here is the link to the pics on Picasa

Happy Easter!

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