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Originally Posted by GEM930 View Post
Yes / no?
Any mode s options for connecting to Voyager???
See our website.
In particular we support the Garrecht/MGL transponder VT0102 in both class 1 and class 2. This is connected via a single CAN interface to the EFIS and only needs power and antenna.
Extended squitter (ADSB-OUT) is also supported via the same interface (nothing more to do, no additional GPS or NMEA feed required).

You control the transponder using the "radio stack" component. There is a separate configuration menu for the transponder (here you enter aircraft particulars such as the ICAO code, tail number etc).

On the IEFIS you control the transponder using the touch screen (just tap on the transponder status display and a "big" transponder pops up).

Regardless of transponder type (mode-c or mode-s), if you have a separate ADSB transceiver you can also elect to have them synchronized automatically - in other words if you enter a squawk code on the transponder or ADSB the other follows automatically.

In case of our iEFIS system which supports multiple, simultaneous GPS sources you can configure to have ADSB-OUT source data from a certified GPS connected to the iBOX NMEA port or alternatively from a Garmin 430 or compatible via ARINC.

The built in GPS of the iBOX supports WAAS and RAIM with satellite fault exclusion down to precision approach limits with appropriate warnings if limits are reached.

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