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Default Condition Inspection at 900 hrs - rambling

I don't like unscheduled maintenance but I don't mind scheduled maintenance. Especially if you have nice weather and we have had a very nice cool Spring in Ohio. I schedule my condition inspection in May each year. If I thought I was going to have some issues I would probably schedule it earlier in the year.

Compression check:
1) 74 (last year 70)
2) 75 (last year 70)
3) 75 (last year 78)
4) 76 (last year 78)

the only thing I did differently this year was to use cowl inlet air dams all through the Winter to get my engine temps up. I don't know if this helped even the compressions or if it was something else.


this year I focused on locating any wear issues because I'm at 900 hrs. I was pleasantly surprised to find essentially no wear on some of the areas that are prone to wear so I thought I would post some photos. the three areas I looked at in detail were the rudder cable lever attachments, the carb heat area, exhaust hangers.


rudder cable attachments. hole measured .190 inch in both the x and y planes. I believe if you keep these lubed (however you do it) you can keep these holes in really good shape.


carb heat arrangement. no wear in 900 hrs. no adjustment ever made since new. set it and forget it. carb heat is important. it can save your life. do I use it much, nope. have I really needed it in the past, yes.


exhaust hangers. never touched since new. I keep the exhaust balls (flex joint) lubed with mouse milk when I have the cowls off and make sure they are free and float around. double clamped with a slight flare on the tube ends. I think I got this slight flare idea from Sam. It works.

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