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Originally Posted by RedRaider94 View Post
Hadnít thought about that Dan. This started happening about 6-8 months ago best I can remember. Any idea if something specific might be causing it (outside of high heat generated with touch and goes) or anything that i could try to do to fix it)?

If I do a normal climb up to 4-5k ft with CHTís running warm around 400, it doesnít happen if it is the first takeoff of the day (best I can recall it hasnít happened in that situation).
When the fuel leaves the servo it is under low pressure and when you look at the boiling temp for Avgas, you can see it coild boil creating vapor in the line. The flow divider will normally hold a back pressure on the line from the servo which then raises the boiling temp of the fuel. If the flow divider is not holding the pressure on the line, it can induce vapor issues.
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