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Originally Posted by g3xpert View Post
You can however retain the analog connection from the SL 30 to the mechanical CDI, and wire the SL 30 via serial to the G3X, using the Garmin VHF NAV/COM setting. You will need to open configuration mode on the G3X, and select Navigation. Set Navigator 2 Selected Course to Disabled. Leave the SL 30 set to Resolver. In this case, course selection is made on the mechanical CDI, but the GDU has the navigation information from the SL 30.
Justin, can I do something like this with the 255 as well? One reason I have not added a second navigator to my aircraft is that the G3X would not allow me to show one source per G3X screen (PFD1 shows GTN, PFD2 shows 255)
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