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My deepest condolences to Tony’s family and friends.
Vlad, I cannot offer any useful words other than you are welcome to visit all of us at KPTW to raise a bottle in Tony’s memory.

I only met Tony a few times and never really had much opportunity to delve into a single serious conversation. Mainly because everyone was too busy laughing, joking, and pulling one another’s chains. For those who never met the guy, this is probably the best way to remember him; a well-rounded, funny guy who accepted folks immediately and with a smile. An American version of Vlad.

These events hit us all differently. It reminds me a lot of my racing career and as such, maybe a few words will be helpful to some. We’d lose people, or see them maimed, and the effects were both devastating and predictable. Some would walk away from the sport. Others would climb back onto their bikes, shaken, but determine to face their demons and carry on. To those who think twice about their life choices after events like this, I have this to offer; As pointed out earlier, life is harsh and unfair. The way you face this determines whether you go through life cowering in fear, avoiding all risk and missing out on the great experiences in life, or bravely facing them with what we called a calculating eye toward risk. I didn’t know Tony all that well, or my friend Tommy, who died in a CJ-6 a several months ago. But I could tell one thing about them. Neither would have been happy dying by slipping on a wet tile in a bathroom. Both shared an obvious gusto for life and were LIVING it.

It’s really all that any of us can do.
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