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Now its time to break out the Grove gear for drilling the weldments. This task is a bit overwhelming considering a mistake here will be quite costly and extremely time consuming to repair.

So I took the fuse off the rottisserie and leveled it out.

I drilled the inner bracket wear plate on the press. Piece of cake with a good bit and Boelube.

Fits nicely.

Trimming the crossmember is essential to fitting the oversized Grove brackets.

Next I clamped 8' aluminum angle to each gear leg for alignment purposes. I have read several write-ups and techniques and I "think" I know how to proceed.
I marked the center of the leg and center of the angle and rested the angle on 2 bolts to secure the angle to the leg. I think this works well.

Then I spent a few hours marking the fuse centerline on the floor so I could take measurements from each angle. It was a time consuming process...I first started with plumb bobs at each end marking the center. then I tried a chalkline between the two. I didn't like the chalkline so I tried a laser line. That works but I had to cover the garage door windows and turn off the lights to see the line. Not a good long term solution. So I used the laser to lay out a tape line. This took time but came out well.

Here is the aft plumb bob through the tailwheel spring bolt attachment hole. I used a spent pop rivet shaft to locate the bob directly in the center of the hole.
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