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I think I figured it out and it is not that difficult. I went and bought 3 more plumb bobs last night so I have a total of 4; a fifth one would be nice but not necessary. I have the fuselage inverted on saw horses and have it leveled in pitch and roll; I checked this with a digital level both on the forward floor like the plans say to do and on the center section of the wing spar. I hung one plumb bob from the tooling hole on the F-812 bulkhead (aft bulkhead on the tail cone; the tooling hole should be in the center of the fuselage). I put a mark on the floor directly under the plumb bob. After marking the floor I reused this plumb bob for one of the gear legs. The forward side (edge) of the landing gear legs are straight (flat) so I hung a plumb bob from farthest out and farthest forward point (fwd corner) of each gear leg and then another one further in along the forward edge of each leg; I hung the inboard ones as close as I could with out the string contacting the fuselage. Now you have four plumb bobs all hanging from your gear legs. Now you want to line up these four plumb lines so they touch the same line on the ground; Vans says to use a string pulled taught on the floor. You need to swivel the legs around on the 7/16? bolt until they are all inline. Once you are happy with the alignment you need to measure from the outboard plumb bob of each leg to the mark on the floor (or fifth plumb bob) back at the tail. You want the distances from the left gear leg and right gear leg to be within a 1/4? of each other. You will have to have to keep moving the gear legs around and lining them up and measuring to get it right. Once you are happy with the alignment you recheck the locations of the outboard brackets (U-805?) and wear plates. I haven?t drilled the holes yet but have the alignment done. I am going to do a sanity check tonight before the final drilling of the holes. Hope this helps! I?ll try to take some photos and post them.

Empannagee done
Wings 90% done
Received fuselage
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