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I never did understand Vans 4 string method in the plan narrative. I called and said I did not "get it", how about if I use a 3 string method? After explaining what I intended to do, the guy said that should work.

Here's how I did it.

1. Set a string over the inverted fuselage running fore to aft exactly over the center line of the machine. The string should be about the same height as the gear legs. This can be done by dropping a plumb bob to a center point at each end of the fuselage and adjusting the string on a rod or some other device that will permit moving it to get it over the center line. Attach one end of the string to a spring rather than tying both ends. The spring will keep it tight.

2. Set 2 more strings, one each outside the gear legs exactly parallel to the center line string.

3. Bolt or clamp a 4' straight edge to the outside surface of the gear leg where the wheels will be attached. Adjust the gear leg to get the straight edge parallel between the center string and the string next to it. Its easy to measure the distance from center to the board or from the outside string. Clamp the gear leg in position for a final drill when it is parallel to the strings. This could be done with just the center line string but it is easier to get the gear legs adjusted using 3 strings.

This, in theory, will give you zero toe in-out with no weight on the gear. Final toe in or toe out can be accomplished later with shims if necessary. There is no way of knowing before hand how much weight on the gear will affect toe in/out.
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