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Most of our rivets came out very nice. There is one or two spots in the skin where we dented them with the gun. Hardly noticable though and if I can see them later on I may fill them before paint.

The aft side skins are left for me to complete solo. They are relatively easy for one man. Then I will recruit Butch again when I flip the canoe.

After completing the aft side skins I felt comfortable the structure could be mounted to the rotisserie. The tail support is a must with this rotisserie....if you try to leave the fuse on the stand by itself it will fall to the tail. I have something supporting the tail now but it is not secure enough for my taste. I'll work on that in the coming days.

The nice thing about the rotisserie is that you can flip it over all by yourself quite easily. Here she is flipped for the first time. I have about 1-2 hours of riveting some hard to reach side skin rivets before tackling the bottom skin rivets. Its becoming more and more of an addiction now as I feel like I have an airplane to work on vs just a bunch of parts.
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